Flood Response & Water Safety

Water Safety

BMFRS has a section of Water Rescue personnel, trained inline with DEFRA guidelines, they are ready to respond to any water related incident. For our water saftey cover we provide water trained personal ready at the waters edge to jump into action should the need arise. This could be anything from filming near a waters edge, film crews working in the water to get the perfect shot or stunts being preformed in the water. As we as Level 1, 2 & 3 Water responders we have a number of power boat and saftey boat operators so can provide a mobile saftey recourse on the water.

Flood Response

As well as our water saftey cover mentioned above, we are able to assist with flooding. Whether this be to help pumping from property, retrieval of valued items or to assist local authority, with the training our crew have and the equipment we have available to us we are very diverse in where we can help.

As well as authority assistance we are happy to work with insurance companies following domestic flooding and weather realted incidents that have affected property, commonly involving pumping or recovery of good that emergency services may not be able to assist with.

For any enquiry’s or bookings please click below to contact us. 

For urgent requests please contact 01233 273 999 

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